Worried About Bad Breath – A New Promise On The Market, CB12

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If you are suffering from halitosis, it is recommended that you immediately make a trip to your dentist. Bad breath can be a massive embarrassment, even more than body odor and it does interfere in the quality of relationship you can build. There are many reasons why you could be suffering from halitosis. It could be an gastro-intestinal problem, it could be an infection on the gastrointestinal tract, it could be a problem with the teeth, plaque or gums, and so on.


CB12 Mouthwash – A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed


A mouthwash named CB12 has been launched that promises the user fresh breath for 12 hours with one use. An invention of Dr Thomas Norlin – a leading implantologist in UK – this mouthwash is meant to release you of the worry and embarrassment causes. Whether you are going on a date, or planning a little intimate something with your spouse, or just have a brainstorming with your boss and/ or colleagues, it is so very important that your mouth smells good.


As a dentist Dr Norlin had the advantage of knowing all the elements that cause bad breath and hence the CB12 mouthwash was designed to cover all the bases. The mouthwash comes with a unique and highly effective formula that contains zinc acetate and chlorhexidine. When working together these two active ingredients manage to eliminate the majority of the causes for bad breath. In turn, this means you need to use the CB12 mouthwash only once or maximum twice and you would be able to enjoy protection of bad mouth odor for 12 hours.


The efficiency of the CB12 is not only due to the fact that the formula eliminates all harmful and bad-smell causing bacteria, but also for the fact that it prevent the bacteria to multiply during the day, hence, keeping the breath smelling fresh.


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